Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think "PIT BULLS" are KILLER dogs?


I thought I would share this with y'all. I'm a Dachshund owner and AGAINST BSL because it's slippery slope.

In 2008 a study showed that Dachshunds are the MOST aggressive breed of dog: dolittler Does your dog bite Penn’s study says your Dachshund might, Dachshunds Are More Aggressive - Dog Aggression Study, Dachshunds attack pit bulls and girl

Which is really funny since they were the 7th most registered dog in 2008: AKC Dog Registration Statistics

They were also used for Blood Sport/Fighting Badger-baiting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and have been known to maul BABIES: Dachshund Mauls Baby, Critically Injuring Him - Los Angeles Times, Dachshund Mutilates Baby Boy's Genitals -

I think the WHOLE WORLD would be in ALLOT of trouble if my little Lola grew two feet of legs over night!

Don't believe me? Read for yourself: Dachshund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If we start banning "Dangerous" dogs where will it stop?

You want to just ban Blood Sport/Fighting breeds? Then do some READING. At one point most of our now beloved pets were used in many violent ways.

And MANY breeds of dogs that are considered non-violent family pets can do some very gruesome things: police Labrador kills 2-month-old boy left unattended in swing... - Topix

Much like a gun, a dog is only as dangerous as the person that owns it.